Being a business owner, we all know how important the customer relationships to success in our business are. Managing customer data and their contacts are really a tedious work and most of the time we missed to maintain.

Therefore we needed an intelligent storing and managing customer and prospect information. CRM provides a platform to manage customer’s information and perform analytical insights of customer portfolio which helps in decision making based on their performance. It also helps to manage and track all interactions with customer’s contacts to develop long-term relationships to help grow their business.

CRM also manages and track potential customers identified through lead management. It automates the lead generation process with effective task management against planned activities and follow-up schedules through calendar and notifications. It captures all interactions and decisions made during those conversations/meetings.

The CRM solutions gives you an overview of how your customers are performing. It helps Business Owners to take a timely decision and corrective action leading to improved customer satisfaction. With use of CRM platform, most of the customers see a significant increase in leads and customer retention.


CRM solution also enable users to send out automated marketing campaign emails and newsletters.

Following are the real need of a CRM systems:

  • To efficiently manage existing customers and new leads by reducing manual efforts. This helps to focus more towards growing your business.
  • To access real time customer and new opportunity related operational data. This helps in managing your CRM business anytime, from anywhere.
  • Closely managing new leads and their contacts to be on top of the new business opportunities.
  • Tracking and follow-ups of all task activities to avoid missing any opportunity scheduled with existing customers or prospects/new leads.
  • Provide analytical insights of customer portfolios and pipeline.
Idoss Tech


  • Our Cloud CRM software needs no extra cost burden to purchase, configure and maintain the system.
  • As the CRM is hosted on cloud, we offer subscription based simple and affordable pricing.
  • The software usages also gets extended and customised as your business grows and need of business.
  • Provides a consolidated view of all customer records including sales, Invoice & their payments.
  • The solution is not just full of features to support your business, we also support the setup to ensure smooth implementation and operation.

Customer Management

  • Managing customer information
  • Manage customer contacts and their preference
  • Integrated with sales order and payment data
  • Collaboration with Contacts and their activities
  • Tracking activities & follow-ups
  • Tracking Meeting scheduled and follow-ups with reminders
Customer Management
Lead Management

Lead Management

  • Manage Leads Information
  • Manager Leads contacts and their activity
  • Converting Leads to actual Customer
  • Seamless collaboration on leads and their ongoing activities
  • Scheduling / Re-scheduling Task Activity
  • Tracking activities & follow-ups with reminders
  • Manage tasks, meetings schedule, notes and many more.

Campaign Management

  • Create and Manage Campaign
  • Segmentation
  • Creation and Custom E-mail Templates
  • Emails for mass communication
  • Tracking & Reporting

Campaign Management
Intelligence Reporting

Intelligence Reporting

  • Analytical Customer Portfolio Reporting
  • Daily scheduled activity list for each sales executive
  • Call details performed against each lead activity
  • Leads status reporting

Workflow & Audit Trail

  • Intelligent workflow
  • Audit log of all the transactions took place within the system
  • Monthly data back-up of your data
  • Roles based access permission to different users
  • Protect data from unauthorized access.
Audit Trails