Order Management Solution

Our order management solution optimises the process by automating the entire Order process from inquiry, quotation, order to fulfillment, invoicing and customer payments etc. Order status are tracked and accessed in real time. We have option to follow a approval workflow for the orders above the configured customer's limit. Effective business intelligence dashboards present consolidated views of sales orders.

Our solution provides seamless tracking and managing of Customer Orders along with auto acknowledgement of received orders. After every single transaction, systems validate the status and maintain the status accordingly for each order. The Order fulfilment process is simplified steps allowing to set perioriy for the order till packing and delivery along with atomated generation of shipping documents

  • Customer & Supplier Inquiries
  • Customer & Supplier Quotations
  • Customer & Suppliers Orders
  • Order Fulfuilment & Customer Invoices
  • Goods Receiving and Supplier Invoices
  • Customer & Supplier Payments
  • Goods Return and Credit Notes
Order Tracking

Our solution manages and tracks customer inquiries and integrated auto request for prices from multiple suppliers if stock cost price is not available in the system. This helps to timely create a customer quotation with latest supplier quotation.

Solution Features

Solution inbuilt features :-
- Integrated Delivery and Returm process
- Auto Alert on Crossing Customer Credit Limit
- Workflow based approvals for exceptional cases
- Setup Priority of Order fulfilment and delivery
- Sales Performance & Order wise gross profit

Store Management

We have auomated the store requisition based on re-order level to generate the Purchase order. It creates the purchase orders based on supplier pricing and displays all relevant information and the earlier supplier transaction all at one place.

Real time Inventory

Our order management solution helps in improving oversight of inventory and real-time order status for better customer service including Integrated Payment and Refund.